EDS in Copenhagen for NKSU Annual Meeting

The European Democrat Students seeks to have the best European integration possible, for this reason no region of Europe is forgotten.

Bearing this goal in mind, our Vice Chairman Tommi Pyykkö, together with our Vice Chairwoman Sara Juriks, attended the NKSU (North Conservative Students Union) Annual Meeting, that was hosted by the Konservative Studerende in Copenhague.

It was a fruitful gathering, in which not only deep debates regarding the European Union were held, but the organisation got to renew its structure.

We congratulate Alexander O’Brien, former Vice Chairman of EDS, who is now President of the NKSU, we wish him the best for his mandate, and to the rest of the board.

EDS was also present at the Annual Meeting celebrated by the Konservative Studerende in the same town.

KS is to us a very special organisation since it was one of the founding organisations of EDS. We were very glad to be represented at their Annual Meeting, and we are always looking forward to new projects together with KS.

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