Caja Politica

For the second time in arow now, EDS decided to hold a study mission on the other side of the Atlantic. This year we again returned to Ecuador for the second round of Caja Politica. With a delegation from EDS and participants from all over Latin America we had fruitful debates, exchanged views and ideas and had great cultural exchanges. During the 6 day trip the participants attended events both in Guayaquil and in Quito, there were many interesting speakers such as Roderick Navarro from Venezuela who is one of the leaders of the movement Rumbo Libertad, Arturo Torres a journalist from Ecuador, Dionisio Garcia from Spain and many, many more. We also had the pleasure to hear from Sasha Hannig and Rafael Rincon from the Chilean think tank FPP who both participated in panels but also hosted a workshop. Here all the participants got to meet and mix between European students and Latin American students, exchange ideas on heroes and why we have them, the main problems facing our society and what we could do to solve them.  

Apart from political discussions and exchanges the first days EDS and the other participants from Caja Politica also participated in building a house for Venezuelan refugees that have come to Ecuador to escape the regime they are facing in their home country. The camp we visited serves as a stepping stone for refugees that have just arrived to the country and the city, and serves as a place for them to stay whilst finding a more permanent solution in Ecuador. We spent a day preparing the ground, building the home, and painting it for it to be possible to house another family in need. This was a new experience for all, and something everyone from EDS took a lot from, the chance to create real change and difference and see it happening from our own labor is a change from the many political discussions we face on a daily basis. We are all very grateful to the Caja Politica team for this opportunity.  

At the end of the event the participants flew to Quito to finish the event there. Here we had the opportunity to visit the National Assembly of Ecuador, visit the presidency of Ecuador as well as the Municipality of Quito. The event was a great success and all parties are excited for future strengthened cooperation. 

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