Political seminar in Slovakia

Our member organisation, Fidelitas organised the third edition of a political seminar with their local partner Via Nova ICS in Dunaszerdahely, Slovakia.

The event took place between the 20th and the 22nd of October and our Vice Chair Robert Kiss attended the event on behalf of EDS.

The hosts of the event were addressed by Hájos Zóltán, mayor of Dunaszerdahely, followed by Berényi József vice-chairman of Nagyszombat couty.

On Saturday morning, Rákoczi Krisztián, researcher at the local Political Institute addressed the participants about the situation of the local Hungarian politicians. After this Menyhárt József chairman of the MKP (Party of the Hungarian Community) spoke about the upcoming local elections on November 4th.

In the evening, a joint political statement was adopted by all the present organisations.

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