Skills Training in Brussels

To keep in line with our yearly tradition, EDS organised the Skills Training Workshop in Brussels for all the Co-Chairs of our Permanent Working Groups and the BullsEye Editorial Team. The Skills Workshop was held at the EPP Headquarters from 6th – 7th September. The Bureau was also present and held its second Bureau Meeting of the working year 2017/18.

The Co-chairs from all our four Working Groups were trained on how to write motions and how to chair a Working Group session during the Council Meetings. They were lucky to be trained by former EDS Vice Chair Olivia Anderson the whole weekend. Olivia advised them on the best processes for research and analysis of current and relevant issues. The Co-Chairs practised chairing the working groups in a role play simulation and are now ready for the working year ahead. The workshop resulted with an agenda full of important topics!

The editors also had a very productive session discussing the future design and look of BullsEye for the next working year. Together with the ones responsible in the Bureau, the BullsEye team had many great plans and ideas for the year, and will now start their work for the year with the first issue that will be released in Budapest.

Overall the weekend was a great success, and the whole EDS team for the next working year are now ready to start the year!

Click here to check out all the photos of the event!

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