Ramón Riera



Ramón Riera (26) graduated in Business and Law at ESADE (Barcelona) in 2019, but also studied abroad in Georgetown University and St. Gallen Universität. He holds an LLM in International Business Law and is a member of the bar association of Madrid. During 2017, he worked in the European Parliament in the office of an MEP of the EPP Group, member of INTA committee. Currently, he is working as a lawyer in the area of M&A and Private Equity. Since April 2021 he is the secretary for international politics of NNGG Spain. He entered this organization in 2012 when he was appointed the Vice-chairman of the NNGG Pupils in Catalonia, he is currently in charge of the territorial growth of NNGG in that region. His activity in EDS started in February 2019 in the Winter University in Barcelona where he was the head of the NNGG delegation. Since then, he has been actively involved being co-chair of the Energy & Sustainability Working Group and later, co-chair of the Policies for Europe Working Group. He was elected First Vice-chairman of EDS in July 2021 in the Council Meeting held in Malta; as First Vice Chairman of EDS he was responsible of the financial resources and the relations with the EPP. In July 2022, he was re-elected again as Vice-Chairman and his portfolio currently includes EPP Group relations and the management of campaigns.