HAZ XIII General Assembly

Our member organisation HAZ Croatia🇭🇷 held its XIII. General Assembly and elected its new national board who will lead HAZ in the next 3-years. Active EDS representatives Karlo Kolesar and Dora Miketek have been re-elected as HAZ national president and vice president.👏🏻

The General Assembly in Zagreb was attended by HAZ delegates across the country, both students and alumni members, in a historically important venue – the Faculty of Economy at the University of Zagreb🧑‍🎓, a place where HAZ was founded in the year 1990. The event also welcomed esteemed guests such as the 🇪🇺MEP Karlo Ressler, members of the Croatian government and the ruling party Croatian Democratin Union, representatives from the regional authorities, professional state institutions and the director of Hanns-Seidel Stiftung office in Zagreb. 

HAZ hosted several EDS events, and we’re looking forward to the ones in the future.📆

Congrats to @Hrvatska akademska zajednica and the new leadership! 🇭🇷👏🏻

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