iMEurope – For a united and strong Europe

As a series of crises have paralysed the continent, the confidence in the European Union is dwindling. Many EU citizens believe that the image of the EU, its institutions and the Europe has been damaged in this ongoing crisis. The growing Eurosceptic mood of the people and the withdrawal aspirations of the United Kingdom motivated EDS, as the voice of students, to take action against this worrisome tendency. In keeping with the motto “iMEurope”, EDS wished to raise awareness and initiate a popular dialogue, by means of ads and video clips seeking to remind citizens of the benefits of European unification and highlight that European integration is in the interest of all European peoples. Everyone and in particular the youth must fight for the Europe idea. Europe must not be reduced only to the current crisis. The European achievements ranging from the Economic and Monetary Union, peacekeeping, climate and consumer protection have been accepted over the years as a matter of course however. It is obvious that the European spirit can only remain alive if the citizens engage with the European project and the benefits Europe brings them on a daily basis again. As part of this initiative, EDS called upon the youth to make their voices heard and share their thoughts on how to preserve the common European identity and make the EU fit for the future with European policymakers. Hereinafter, all collected statements and proposals were summarised in a white paper discussed at the Summer University in Larnaca and subsequently forwarded to important stakeholders such as the European People’s Party, Members of the European Parliament, and the Commission.


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