International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

– One in three women has experienced physical or sexual violence from the age of 15 years old;

– 5% have been victims of rape;

– Nearly all victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation within the EU are women and girls;

– 55% of European women (103 million) suffered harassment – in particular 8% (34 million) were victims of stalking;

– 43% suffered psychological violence from a partner;

– 22% suffered violence from a partner but only one third complained.

The worrying statistics reveal a global crisis of violence against women phenomena, and Europe it is deplorably not lagging behind.
We European Democrat Students strongly stand against any form of violence inflicted towards female individuals.

The huge cultural, social and economic harm caused by any kind of violence against women to European societies, makes it fundamental for Europe to take further and stronger steps in implementing the EU legislation on the matter.

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