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BullsEye is the in-house magazine of the European Democrat Students. Conceived as a debating outlet, BullsEye offers a critical forum to liberal, conservative and Christian Democrat students, as well as senior figures of political, academic and public life, to comment and report on political, economic, social, educational and ideological developments across the European Union and the globe. EDS’s central mouthpiece, the magazine offers reports on current affairs, interviews with key decision-makers, portraits, and policy analyses.

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Our values

We believe that political action must be based on firm values. A civilised society consists of a certain set of inviolable rights for its citizens and definite boundaries for the actions of the state and the use of power. Europe consists of many different peoples and societies which are diverse as the human beings themselves. As such, we endorse that society constitutes the framework for Mankind‘s search and realisation of social relations, wealth, security and self-fulfilment.

Our success and strength depends upon our ability to embrace the diversity of our plus 40 member organisations and realize the benefits.
Openness and transparency are fundamental aspects of our organisation in order to provide a framework that promotes confidence in our work.
As platform for centre-right students and youth organisation we want to enable youngsters making connections, building enduring and mutually beneficial relationships across Europe and beyond.
The best solutions come from working together with both colleagues and stakeholders. Effective teamwork demands strong relationships, respect and exchange of point of views.
Pragmatism, as we have defined it, is committed to the combination of knowledge, concepts and values in a realistic political approach and the guiding principal of our work.
We start and fulfil our projects and events with an initial surge of enthusiasm. In this spirit, EDS offers young people the opportunity to gain knowledge, skills and personal success.
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