We believe that the European Values we protect are facing difficult challenges. As Young European Citizens, we value and respect principles of dignity of human life, equality, freedom, justice, security, and responsibility, the rule of law and democracy. We are focused in encouraging the solidarity among all Europeans. It is important that a European Model is promoted and that we must tackle and address the matters and problems that a European of the 21st century is facing in the time where circumstances and needs are changing.

Our policy making is mainly done during and between meetings of our Permanent Working Groups led by our Co-Chairmen. There are 3 Permanent Working Groups; Higher Education and Research; Policies for Europe and Human Rights.

Except for the sessions of our PWGs, during our Council Meetings, we organise interactive workshops and debates with European policy makers in order to analyse and discuss issues affecting students, young people and society in general.

All the above actions contribute towards developing our policies through which we make our voices heard in Europe and we contribute towards the EPP policy making. As EDS, we are proud to have the highest record of all associations and parties with respect to adopted resolutions by the EPP. When looking into education and other decisive youth and student-related topics, we find our positions now to be the EPP policies and hence guidelines for our parliamentarians in the European Parliament and on the national and local level.

We believe in complete transparency. You can browse, search and download all our Motions and Resolutions here: