The Organisation

European Democrat Students (EDS) as pan-European centre-right student and youth political association is the official student organisation of the European People’s Party (EPP). Founded in Vienna by Scandinavian, German and Austrian students in 1961, our organisation represents over a million students and young people in 39 member organisations from 33 countries in Europe. This makes us the largest youth organisation in Europe.

Our aim is to promote a free, democratic and united Europe through greater student mobility and comprehensive education policies across the continent. European Democrat Students has been always a frontrunner in integration, fighting for open borders, united Europe and European debate in European politics. The three pillars of EDS originally stood for conservatism, liberalism and Christian democracy. Today, we grew into a large family which has an outlook that is various, rich and unique, represented by the name ‘Democrat’: Here, student organisations, political youth organisations and other centre-right organisations come together to shape modern centre-right policies for Europe.

The working year of our organisation begins with the Summer University held between June and August every year. During this event the EDS council as main controlling body with consists of all Member Organisations, gathers together to debate about current affairs, adopts political motions and elects a new Executive Bureau. The Executive Bureau represents EDS externally and runs the day-to-day work. During the working year EDS organises various events, such as Council Meetings, Study Missions and Skills Workshops. The Council Meetings as main events are accompanied by the in-house magazine BullsEye ( a debating outlet and to students, as well as senior figures of political, academic and public life.