EDS Skills Training 2021

16.5.2024 22:11

Event Report:

EDS Skills Training 2021

Location:        San Marino

Date:               22-24 September

Organisation: EDS - GDC

"Skills Training"

Over the past years, the official debating magazine of the European Democrat StudentsBullsEye – has gone from strength to strength in providing a potent forum for centre-right students, politicians and figures from politics, academia, economy and society. To this end, the EDS Bureau invited the BullsEye Editorial Team to join them in San Marino, for a Skills Training alongside with the Co-Chairs of the Working Group and the Social Media Team. The programme, was divided into three parts: first, participants were offered an insight into the work of several representatives of the Republic of San Marino within international organisations such as the Council of Europe. On the 23rd , both Co Chairs and BullsEye Editors had the opportunity to follow two dedicated workshops: “How to write a good policy document”, “How to write an article”.

The Co-chairs were trained on all aspects of their work: from identifying policies to turning their ideas into motions and leading the working groups. They learnt to recognise relevant topics and stakeholders, and had a brainstorming session on ideas for motions. The Co-Chairs practised leading the working groups in a roleplay workshop and received tools to write background papers and motions as well as individual feedback. They also had a session with EPP International Secretary Patrik Voeller.

The editors also underwent a series of training sessions designed to improve their skills and equip them with useful knowledge for the tasks ahead

Furthermore, the Bureau also held its second Bureau Meeting of the working year 2021/2022.

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