EDS statement on the political and language persecution in Catalan schools

16.5.2024 22:11

Acknowledging that:

1. The Catalan regional government has been attempting to establish a language-based identity, trying to forcefully make a distinction between those that speak Catalan and those that speak Spanish.

2. Public education in Catalonia has purposely prevented Spanish from being the working language, it is currently taught as a foreign language. The study of Spanish history and cultures is also omitted in the academic cursus with the political intention of preventing students  from developing their Spanish citizenship identity.

3. The fundamental right of using the mother tongue as working language in primary and secondary school is not granted to Spanish speaking families in Catalonia. According to the latest poll 45% of the people in Catalonia speak Spanish as their mother tongue[1].

4. The separatist regional government has openly defied the Spanish Supreme Court after it recognised the right to being educated in Spanish. After said motion, ruled after a family from Canet de Mar filed against their child’s school, at least 25% of the school hours must be taught in Spanish.

5. Following the Spanish Supreme Court's decision, the Catalan separatist government has launched a campaign of harassment against the 5-year-old kid and his family. In the last hours, the family of the minor has been receiving a great amount of threats, such as encouraging an attack to the family home, to bully the 5-year-old boy and other behaviours to harm and reify the minor.

EDS strongly condemns the attempt of establishing a language apartheid by the government of Catalonia and the separatist movement.

EDS acknowledges the failure of the Spanish Ombudsman, Ángel Gabilondo, to protect the fundamental rights of students in Catalonia.

EDS demands prompt action, led by the European Union Ombudsman, Emily O’Reilly, to ensure proper legal protection of students in Catalonia.

[1] https://cronicaglobal.elespanol.com/politica/castellano-lengua-propia-catalanes_372849_102.html

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