EDS Statement on Vladimir Putin’s “special military operation” in sovereign Ukraine

16.5.2024 22:11

Today Russia has launched a full scale attack on independent Ukraine invading with troops and striking with missiles and bombs virtually all regions of the country, a scenario of our worst fears which now is tragically true. President Putin unleashed war on our continent without any real provocation, credibly excuse and on a friendly country. Russia has also launched massive hybrid attacks against Ukrainian internet infrastructure including DDOS attacks taking down essential services as well as wiper attacks aiming to delete essential data to further build chaos, confusion, fear and to destabilise Ukraine.The attack came after Putin recognised the two breakaway regions of Donetsk and Luhansk and months of military build-up near the Ukrainian border and has been developing all according to the plan published by western intelligence at the end of last year. These acts of aggression are a blatant and intentional violation of international law and a crime against the innocent Ukrainian people, their right to choose their own future and democracy, freedom in Europe.On this day the world has changed radically and our actions must reflect that. A swift and robust response to the actions of the authoritarian regime of Putin must be taken. Strongest possible sanctions must be put in place in Russia. This includes economic sanctions such as disengaging Russia from SWIFT, freezing Russian assets in Europe and barring Russian oil and gas imports, targeting Putin’s personal circle and allies with extreme personal sanctions, isolating Russia politically and being firm in our support to sovereignty of independent Ukraine. If Putin succeeds in this campaign, the next test for NATO and European security infrastructure may be within our own borders in the Suwałki corridor.We, the EDS are appalled at what a state of one of our member organisations is going through and in the strongest way possible condemn all aggressions against Ukraine.Thus besides calling for denouncement of Russia by the international community and punishing the aggressor, we must make sure Ukraine receives all the support that they require. We call on the democratic West to provide humanitarian aid, economic, financial, political assistance as well as weapons, ammunition and other means of military support.Dear Ukrainian friends, in the darkest hour for Europe since the second World War we stand with you, we are praying for you, and we will support you.

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