EDS Winter University Tirana 2023

16.5.2024 22:11

Exciting news from
the EDS Winter University!

The European Democrat Students (EDS) held their Winter University in Tirana, Albania, from the 23rd to the 26th of March, focusing on youth rights and democracy. During the event, we met with the Mayor of Shköder, Bardh Spahia, and visited the Partia Demokratike headquarters, discussing the role of young generations and EU integration of the Balkans. EDS Council approved full memberships for PAS (Moldova) and Les Jeunes Républicains (France), and we welcomed the grant from the European Commission through the Erasmus+.

Working groups adopted motions related to European education, new technologies, trade, human rights, and the political and social situation in the Balkans. The new BullsEye magazine edition featured interviews with European Parliament President Roberta Metsola and EPP Secretary General Thanasis Bakolas.

Winter University gave us new momentum

’’As the Chairman of European Democrat Students I am hopeful more than ever after this event. I saw so many of our young and ambitious delegates from all over Europe give us many new ideas and energy to make Europe better and better for students. Now we have a lot of new projects and initiatives in our pipeline as well. We are an inspiration for other organisations to join and work with us for a better future.’’ - Beppe Galea, Chairman of EDS

Meet up with Mayor of Shköder

During this past Winter University in Tirana, under the title "Democracy? A Youth Right!", we had the opportunity to meet the mayor of Shkodër, one of the oldest and most historic cities in Albania. The mayor, Bardh Spahia, outlined new initiatives designed to attract young people to the city.

Youth involvement in Albanian politics

Furthermore, we visited the headquarters of the Democratic Party, where we were pleased to see a large number of young Albanian politicians eager to defend freedom in their country. We discussed the role of younger generations and the EU integration of the Balkans, with a particular focus on Albania's integration. Additionally, we extended our complete support to Belind Kellici, a promising young Albanian politician and long-time friend of EDS, who is running for mayor of Tirana.

EDS family is growing

During the Council Meeting, we had some fantastic news. We approved the full membership of PAS (Moldova) and Les Jeunes Républicains (France). This is a sign of the daily effort of EDS to be the shared home of European liberal, conservative, and Christian democratic student organisations. In the coming months, we plan on maintaining this trajectory, and we will undoubtedly be able to announce new partnerships and memberships within the Council.

New motions for a better future

Following discussions in the working groups, we adopted several motions related to European education and new technologies, trade and human rights, and the Balkans' political and social situation. Motions will be submitted to the relevant European officials for their knowledge, to receive advice on how best to take the initiative on the relevant issue, or to ask that they make specific decisions.

The new BullsEye is out

The new BullsEye magazine edition has exciting articles and interviews. It includes interviews with the European Parliament's President and EDS alumni, Roberta Metsola, and the Secretary General of the EPP, Thanasis Bakolas.

EPP continues to invest in EDS Future

’’EDS will once more play an important role in the 2024 campaign. As the largest students" organisation in Europe, I expect you to come up with new ideas and a fresh perspective.” Watch President's of the EPP Manfred Weber's message to EDS for the Winter University here.

Vladimir Kljajic in now acting Secretary General of EDS

EDS Council approved the appointment of a new Secretary General after the resignation of Ivan Botoucharov due to his latest work in the European parliament. Vladimir Kljajic was holding a deputy position before the new role.

Conference resolution "Enhancing the Role of Youth in European Elections"

European youth is at a critical juncture for their future, amid the aftermath of the pandemic, Russia's hybrid warfare across Europe, and its unlawful conflict in Ukraine. It is essential that we play a significant role in these European elections and support parties that champion freedom over socialism. This is why we have adopted the conference resolution "Enhancing the Role of Youth in European Elections", which outlines its significance. Furthermore, we have collaborated with the European People's Party group in the Committee of the Regions, YEPP, and the network of Young Elected Politicians to establish a shared policy framework for young Europeans, wherever they may be.

Time for a new approach

To consolidate our aim to be that common home for liberal, conservative, and Christian Democrat students, we have set up a taskforce consisting of some representatives of member organisations with different profiles and backgrounds and EDS alums to identify and foster collaboration with more organisations. Let’s continue our joint effors!

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