European Solidarity in Times of Crisis

16.5.2024 22:11

European Democrat Students held a unique Council Meeting and Study Mission in Krakow and Przemyśl, 19-22 May, hosted by SMD Poland and supported by KAS, TikTok and Alliance4Europe.

This was possibly the most emotional event we’ve had, visiting the border of a country at war, which has been mercilessly attacked by Putin’s regime.

EDS delegates witnessed the bravery and dignity of Ukrainian refugees – at this stage many more returning to Ukraine than leaving, despite the ongoing war. As well as the solidarity of the Polish people, the European community and the volunteers from all over the world.

The Study Mission to the Ukraine border included a visit to the key reception point where over 2 million people have walked through in the past couple of months.

The EDS delegation also visited the city of Przemyśl, a small town, but huge in heart, hosting refugees, support points and volunteers - an icon of freedom and solidarity.

We also visited the Ukrainian House Narodnyj Dim - Dom Ukraiński, which for the first time serves as a home for hundreds of displaced people and a centre for collecting donations and supplies.

The EDS event was also the culmination of the European tour for Solidarna Molod (SM Ukraine) who collected donations which were immediately taken into Ukraine at the conclusion of the event by their members.

During the Council Meeting we also discussed and adopted a conference resolution and motions submitted by the working groups, several of which were focusing on supporting Ukraine. We also presented the EDS Financial Report and updates to the EDS Budget, which were all unanimously adopted.

There were also several high-level sessions with senior speakers who came to Krakow for our event, including: Aleksandra Gajewska and Marek Rzasa - Members of Parliament (Civic Platform); Maia Mazurkiewicz (Alliance4Europe); Jan Olbrycht, Member of European Parliament; Jakub Oleg from TikTok Poland, and Katarzyna Król - representative of World Central Kitchen, which has been doing outstanding work to provide quality food for refugees.

The Council Meeting, Speaker Sessions and Study Mission, and the strong feelings of empathy, solidarity and support with our fellow Europeans at this historic moment, will remain as a life-long memory for the EDS delegation and will drive us forward to continue supporting Ukrainians and all those in need of solidarity.

Many thanks to SMD Poland, KAS, TikTok and Alliance4Europe for all their support.

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