Join us! #VoteForEUrFuture

5.6.2024 20:48


From Dublin to Athens and from Helsinki to Lisbon, youth individuals have the great opportunity to take an active role in the future of Europe and choose their leaders in the European Parliament.


By voting in the EU elections, Europeans exercise their democratic right to take part in decisions on Europe’s future, but they also give the Parliament the legitimacy it needs to perform its duties.


Since 1961, EDS has stood for Christian Democrat, liberal and conservative values. As the largest and official @epp student organisation, the EPP can count on its member organisation to promote our ideas on what reforms and policy-making should look like in the future, as the future itself belongs to youth!


Our young delegates from 20 countries take the floor to send their own message on the importance of voting in the EU elections, and how this could shape Europe's future for youth.


Our message is clear: We call on the youth of Europe to exercise their fundamental right to vote in the upcoming 2024 European elections!


Join us in amplifying the voice of youth across Europe by sharing this video on the official accounts of your organization on social media platforms. Together, we can encourage young Europeans to exercise their fundamental right to vote and shape the future of our continent.

Let's spread the word! #VoteForEUrFuture

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