Thrilling news from the EDS Summer University!

16.5.2024 22:11

The European Democrat Students (EDS) held their Summer University in Barcelona, Spain, from the 27th to the 30th of July, focusing on democracy and AI. EDS members actively participated in the exciting sessions during the event and enjoyed the excellent food and sunny weather.

We met with Spanish MP Nacho Martin Blanco and discussed Catalan Nationalism in Spain, essential relations between the European Union and LATAM, and many other topics. 
EDS Council approved full membership for Students of RPA (Armenia).

We also had elections for the two vacant places for our Executive Bureau and the appointment of new PWG members and BullsEye Magazine co-editors.

Working groups adopted motions related to higher education and human rights. 

Considering AI's impact on education and why organizing its integration into higher education is essential, we have adopted the Conference Resolution Promoting Ethical and Responsible Integration of Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education. 

The summer edition of BullsEye magazine is out and focused on AI integration in politics.

Summer University opened new possibilities

’A year of struggles and changes. For over 60 years we united students across Europe. Remarkable progress has been done this year. The first success was of the EPP family and seeing young members taking roles in the Parliament, for example in Finland and Spain. This year we have seen the engagement of different campaigns, like banning unpaid internships. We did it in collaboration with one of our biggest partners - the European Youth Forum. We have been active there. We are looking ahead to the upcoming European elections. United as the EDS family we are looking forward. We will intensify our work in the elections. The EPP will need our help in different countries and we will support them in the campaigns. Gratitude to the whole team who contributed to the success of this past working year. Together we should continue working.’’ - Beppe Galea, Chairman of EDS

Catalan Nationalism in Spain

EDS Vice-Chairman Ramón Riera has introduced us to Nuria Gónzalez Campañá, a Postdoctoral researcher in European Constitutional Law. She also holds a Ph.D. in Law from the University of Oxford and a Master in Law and Diplomacy from The Fletcher School, Tufts University. With her, we had a thought-provoking discussion about the legal and ideological problems Catalan Nationalism has.

Ties and bonds between the EU and LATAM

Furthermore, we discussed the importance of EU support in Latin American countries with Olga Ruiz, member, and Chief Coordinator in project management for international development cooperation for Reformismo XXI (People´s Party foundation). China’s and Russia’s influence is growing and endangering the already fragile democracies in the region

Business, ethics, and sustainability

We had the privilege to host Joan Fontrodona, professor of Business Ethics and Analysis of Business Problems, at IESE. He put forward the case why we can not let socialists take over in advocating Sustainable Development Goals.

Keynote Speech: Nacho Martin Blanco, Spanish MP

We were honored to host Member of the Parliament of Catalonia, Nacho Martin Blanco. He spoke about the Spanish General Elections and the campaign of the Partido Popular. He also talked about separatism and the division of Spain caused by leftists.

Meet new members of the team

During the Council Meeting, we had some fantastic news. We had elections for two vacant places in our Executive Bureau. Axel Mouffron (Les Jeunes Républicains) has been elected Vice-Chairman, and Dora Miketek (HAZ Croatia) has been elected Vice-Chairwoman of EDS! Also, the EDS Council has confirmed the appointment of Damjan Konjanovski (VMRO-DPMNE) as Deputy Secretary General.

EDS family is growing

During the Council Meeting, we had some fantastic news. We approved the full membership of YRPA (Armenia). This is a sign of the EDS' ongoing efforts to be the common home of European liberal, conservative, and Christian democratic student organisations.

Conference Resolution: Promoting Ethical and Responsible Integration of Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education

During the Summer University in Barcelona, we discussed AI's impact on education and why organizing its integration into higher education is essential. AI revolutionises the learning process by offering personalized and adaptive learning experiences, catering to each student's unique needs and learning pace. On the other hand, it also brings challenges. We share with you the whole conference resolution adopted by the EDS Council. Find out more here.

The new BullsEye is out

The new summer edition of BullsEye magazine has exciting articles and interviews. The focus is on AI in politics. Also, we got a new Editor in chief, Charlie Crumpton (YCGE). We will publish articles soon on our website

EPP and EDS will work together for the upcoming elections

’’Mr. Weber emphasized the significance of youth and their participation in the 2024 European elections, as they bring forth new and fresh ideas for the future.

Furthermore, he highlighted the success and momentum of EPP-affiliated parties, which presents an excellent opportunity to strengthen our commitment to center-right values. We thank Mr. Weber for his inspiring words and we look forward to continuing our close cooperation with the European People's Party!

Time for EDS talks

During our Summer university, we had time to socialise and reconnect. We enjoyed the perfect weather and excellent food in lovely Barcelona. We are happy to see many new faces in the EDS. We will continue to work on improving student and youth life in Europe. We can not wait to see you all soon! We use this opportunity to thank NNGG Spain and its Secretary General Carlo Giacomo Angrisano Girauta for hosting us.

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