VC Iacovou represents EDS at the European Youth Forum

16.5.2024 22:11

Vice-Chairman Iacovos Iacovou represented European Democrat Students at the first ever hybrid Council of Members of the European Youth Forum that took place last week  in Belgium.  EYF is the largest Youth Organisation on the globe as it represents 40 million young people directly and 150 million young people indirectly.

European Democrat Students, which counts amongst the 61 International Youth Organisations of the Forum, and many National Youth Councils had a very productive Council as it managed to adopt the very first Policy Programme of the Organisation. The ambitious paper which addresses the current urgent needs of the youth, as regards inter alia Youth Rights, Sustainable Development, Democracy and Climate and Environmental Crises. The Policy Programme will be used as the charter of principles for which the European Youth Forum will stand for the years to come.

The Council of Members has also adopted the Budget for 2022 as well as the Progress report. A Governance Review session which leads the discussion between the Members and the Board of the Forum on the proposed statutory changes also took place.

Last but not least, 2021 marks the 25th Birthday anniversary of the European Youth Forum, in this regard, delegates had the chance to speak with the first President of the EYF, Paulina Parhiala and exchange views on the difference between the challenges back in the 90s and today.

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